Just as there is a navigation menu in the Preview interface when editing a process where you can easily navigate to the Section and Subsection as designed in the Workflow and Permissions Tabs – This should exist in the form editor as well. Workflows can get very lengthy, for example, I’m working on a process that has 18 Sections and many of them are very long. It is very frustrating to find the field that you want to edit considering it requires scrolling endlessly. This navigation problem is compounded given that after every Publish the editor opens to the first section of the workflow. I find it necessary to Publish periodically after 3 to 5 edits, especially when I am testing conditionals. I’m not sure if this is good practice, but regardless I believe navigation would be significantly improved, on top of the addition of the navigation menu found in the Preview Interface, if a user can set whether they want the editor to open at the location that was last edited or at the start. I think leaving it up to the user is best as some might prefer the editor to open at the start. This could be adjusted in user settings. If the Navigation Bar addition is too disruptive, there’s not enough space then, it can be pinned or unpinned as an overlay.